Are Politicians The Leaders In Creating Social Equality?

On the surface, this may seem a foolish question. “Of course they are” some would say. We hear them all the time on the campaign trails, in the media and on the floor of Congress calling for change, calling for progress. They regularly proclaim that we, the public, must contribute to them, vote for them and support them in order to achieve change. Each political party assures us that it has the answer.

Do I really need an attorney to do this?

In most cases, no. With some exceptions, a lay person can often pull a form from a website to draft their contract or walk into court with a plan of what they want to tell the judge. You don’t need an attorney – you can do it yourself.

Is Law a Commodity?

The answer depends on the client. If a client views legal services as nothing more than the stack of legal documents on the closing table then, yes, law is a commodity.